॥ पाठशाला ॥ (Co-Curricular Activities)

"To provide exposure to students and prepare theme to develop Social and Personal skills and making them Global citizens" "Pathshala" activities help in laying the core foundation of a students' personality and prepare them for the future. Every students should grow up with the belief , skills and tools to make a difference to their world.

The activities in "Pathshala" are particularly designed to serve the vision of our school to develop the 21st century skills in students enabling them to become a global citizen with roots of Indian culture.

A holistic education must encompass all the domains of learning and provide opportunity for the development of these domains, Activities not only form the core of student's life but help to develop an all round personality and prepare them for future.

Pathshala Activities:

  • Art & Craft
  • Library
  • Work education and life skills based CCA
  • India & its culture through Virtual Lab
  • Atlas
  • Multimedia based General Knowledge
  • IKEN - Science Club
  • Club activities
    • Social Club
    • Save Earth
    • Living Values
  • Meghdhanush